Dick cheney dove hunting

When the gubernatorial candidate accidentally killed a protected killdeer during a dove shoot, he wrote that he reacted this way: They didn't even let McClellan know until 6 a. While he was lying there on the ground he actually handed himself his own business card. President Bush was told about Cheney's involvement in the accident shortly before 8 p. Anyone fancy a bit of hunting tomorrow evening rou I was wondering what the best hunting gun is prefe You can link your Facebook account to your existing account.

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Vice President Cheney Accidently Shoots Hunting Companion

Okay First your signature says it all concerning your level of schooling and intelligence. The incident, nicknamed Quailgate in the media, was the subject of jokes, satire and public ridicule. I'm glad to be on this bastion of left-wing conversation. Why are Clinton haters so irrational? It seems Whittington had a major role in Funeralgate.

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Hunter - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

Barack Obama , Dick Cheney , Hunting. The variety of species that it is possible to shoot in these parks is impressive, ranging from antelope, bison, bear, and white-tailed deer to elk, giraffe, African lion, moose, ostrich, wildebeest, and zebra; popular bird species include duck, dove, quail, and pheasant. Meanwhile the liberal press is attacking Cheney for all the wrong reasons and the straw-men they build will easily be toppled, unless the people stand-up and demand an examination of the real facts. Whittington, seen here a week after the February accident, still has pellets lodged in his face 10 years later. But the shooting hasn't tarnished their casual relationship, Whittington assured. Texas attorney Harry Whittington pictured was accidentally shot by then-Vice President Dick Cheney during a hunting trip.
I misread it and have made the correction in the post. I thought that was very impressive. Towards the end of that segment, the sound of loud bird calls were played, and Leno asked Cheney to take care of the problem, with footage of the Vice President shooting a gun then shown. Armstrong said Cheney turned to shoot a bird and accidentally hit Whittington. In the same interview, Cheney took full blame:
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